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      Welcome to YANGZHOU HENGCHUN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., 24-Hour Hour Hotline:+(86)514-80826577
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      Requirements for electric actuators

      2018-09-27 Hits:3352
      Valve actuator mechanism using imported products.
      Valve actuator mechanism using imported products. One-piece structure (the control box and the implementation of structural integration). Switching actuator can accept the opening and closing amount control signal; modulating actuators can accept 4-20mA analog control signal. Handwheel body configuration and local / remote switch. The installation position of the valve actuator hand wheel, the driving principle, in favor of the handwheel arranged site commissioning and maintenance personnel.

      When electric operation is disengaged, whether the motor is rotating or stationary, you can safely switch hand wheel operating position. When up and running is connected to the motor terminal voltage on the lowest rated voltage, the choice of the electric operating device at maximum pressure imbalances within the specified travel time and can be turned on or off in the direction of good operating valve (start, acceleration, running and stopping).
      Tel :+86-514-80826580
      Address: No. 5 MuYang Road, HanJiang Industrial
      Park,Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China