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      Welcome to YANGZHOU HENGCHUN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., 24-Hour Hour Hotline:+(86)514-80826577
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      No. 5 MuYang Road, HanJiang Industrial Park, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China
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      Product Name: CKDM Linear Series

      Release Date: 2018-09-27

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      Product Details

      Product Details
      1. Product Name: CKDM Series Linear Electric Actuator 
      2. Power Supply: Single Phase or Three Phase, Voltage: 220V/230V/380V/415V/460V, Frequency: 50/60 Hz 
      3. Material: Aluminum Casting/Ductile Iron Casting 
      4. Type: Regulating Type, Field Bus 
      5. Thrust Range: 1kN-100kN 
      6. Maximum Travel Distance: 250mm, can be customized 
      7. Linear Speed: from 1.6 to 6.4 mm/sec 
      8. Motor Insulation Class: Class F,Class H can be customized 
      9. Protection Grade: IP 68 
      10. Explosion Proof Protection: Exd IIA/IIB/IIC T4 
      11. Cable Inlet: Normal- 1 M48*2, 2 M33*2; Explosion Proof- 1 x1.5"NPT,2 x 1"NPT (Suitable cable entry will be provided for redundant BUS. 
      12. Environmental Temperature: -30 ℃-70℃(Standard),Maximum 150℃ ,while Minimum -50 ℃ 
      13. Coating: Phosphoric acid pickling,Surface electrostatic spray 
      14. Joint Type: Flange, comply with ISO 5210
      15. Certification: ATEX, SIL 3, CE, etc 
      16. Application: Mainly for Control Valve to control the flow condition 

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      Tel :+86-514-80826580
      Address: No. 5 MuYang Road, HanJiang Industrial
      Park,Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China